Success With Coach Clayton

Are You Ready for Personal Growth?

So many ambitious women want to truly change their lives but just don’t know how to make lasting change…

They find themselves on an endless treadmill of reading self development books, watching self-help videos, and listening to “gurus” without true change in their lives..

Believe me I understand this endless self- improvement treadmill…

Do you find that you keep:

🎯Setting goals

🎯Promise to “one day” start that side hustle to eventually quit your soul crushing job

🎯Have a list of things that you want to change in your life

BUT never get around to it because you are too “busy”?

I understand where you are coming from and I have experienced the same issues in my life. Without the right self development tools, it is almost impossible to truly accomplish your goals, especially when life gets in the way…

Do you finally want to stop procrastinating and focus on making your life better today?

The only way to truly accomplish personal growth, is to clarify what you want out of your life, set the right type of goals to get you there, and make sure that you are accountable for your work…

This is common sense right?

If you are an ambitious woman I am sure that you have heard this so many times but still haven’t taken any action. Most times your self improvement goals paralyze you and you fear failure.

You more than likely do not know where to start or what you need to focus on..

So many women KNOW what they need to do, but just can’t set things in motion to actually do what they need to do…

You need an accountability coach that will help you get clear on the steps that you need to take AND hold you accountable to do the work..

I am Coach L Clayton and I am an accountability and success coach..

As an entrepreneur, wife, mother, director, and leader I struggled with starting and stopping several businesses and most of all PROCRASTINATION. Until I found the self-improvement tools that were necessary to quickly achieve my goals and remarkably stay consistent each and every day…

I have worked with women throughout the world gain the confidence and self esteem that they need to change their lives. They finally found the courage to start a side hustle or business and were able to finally develop fulfilling and rewarding relationships. They are now living the life that they truly deserve….

Now I am going to help you do the same…

✔️I created a 6 month program that will allow you to renew your life and achieve your personal goals

✔️We will identify your roadblocks and root causes of why you are not getting things done

✔️I will help you clarify what type of business that you want to start and walk you through the steps needed to achieve this (some of my clients have started with a simple idea and have generated monthly income prior to the end of coaching)

✔️My coaching program is INTENSE and is intended only for those who are serious about renewing their lives each and every week. Some of my clients stay on for more than 6 months for continued growth

Here is How My 6 Month Program Works:

✔️I am going to walk you through how you can live in purpose and develop the life that you truly deserve. I will help you set the right goals weekly, monthly, and yearly to achieve them

✔️We will then track your progress and adjust together during your coaching sessions

✔️ You will enjoy the journey that you are on and design a life that you truly deserve, it all starts here…

Here is what you can expect:

Complete Privacy: I recognize some things are extremely hard to share. You will have 100% confidentiality between you and I.

Clarify Your Life Purpose: We will get very clear about what your life purpose is and design your life around this mission

Weekly Coaching Calls: During these calls we will discuss your prior weeks performance. We are going to work through any obstacles or challenges that you may have had. We then will clarify your new goal for the week.

Laser Focused Goal Setting: During the first few weeks I will train you how to set goals correctly and guide you how to break them down weekly for the biggest impact

Journaling: You will update an electronic journal each week to record your weekly overview and goals. This will be shared directly with me.

Monthly Evaluations: We will take a deep dive into your world during this journey and consistently root out anything that is preventing you from moving forward towards your dreams and goals..

Fun Process: We are going to have fun and the process will not just be about paperwork. This isn’t all about work, your journey will be a fun adventure..

Guarantee: I am so confident about my services and tools that I will provide a FULL refund to you as long as you can prove that you completed all of the exercises correctly, followed all of my directions, attended all 6 months of coaching sessions and are not happy with your results.

Here is what I need from you…

You must be committed: I only want to work with women who are committed to the full 6 month journey so that they can achieve their full transformation

Then you simply click the link below and apply for a free discovery call and I will take it from there..

What does it cost?

No tricks, or gimmicks at all. Your first monthly installment will be charged at 50% off $375. The remaining months are $750. If you are really committed, you can invest the 6 months upfront and get the first month free for a total of $3,750

Apply for a FREE Self-Improvement Discovery Call Here—-> APPLY NOW

Looking forward to meeting you!!

Coach L Clayton, CARC